CFast to SATA SSD breakout cable solution for Blackmagic Ursa, Ursa Mini 4K & Ursa Mini 4.6K.

CFast to SATA SSD breakout cable solution for Blackmagic Ursa, Ursa Mini 4K & Ursa Mini 4.6K.

InnoTech UK new 2017 product release: Cfast to SATA SSD Cable + USB to SATA Power (5v) cable.

This Cfast 2.0 to SATA III SSD cable solution allows you to record from your Blackmagic Ursa, Ursa Mini 4K or Ursa mini 4.6K directly onto SSD drives in real time. This avoids the needs to purchase expensive, slow and limited capacity CFAST cards.

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CFast 2.0 card are currently limited to 512GB in capacity and cost an eye watering £700+. However with our CFAST to SATA SSD solution, you can use your existing SSD drives which start from around £70-£200 saving you over 70% of the cost of Cfast 2.0 cards.

– Powered directly from your v-mount or gold mount battery’s USB port, or external USB power source. 

– Able to format SSD’s via the Blackmagic  camera’s interface just like you would CFast cards. 

– A cheaper alternative to expensive CFast cards.

– Supports SSD’s up to 2TB (We recommend Samsung 850 Pro SSDs up to 2TB and SanDisk Extreme Pro upto 2TB).

– Connects to your camera using the CFast card slot.

– Allows you to edit directly from your SSD drive saving you time.

If you shoot in ProRes, lower frame rates, or just 1080 then almost any SSD drive will work, but in order to capture the highest quality from the URSA 4.6K RAW 60fps, then you’ll want to choose either the Samsung Pro series SSD or Sandisk Extreme Pro SSD drives and record in ‘Dual Card Mode’. These Pro series drives are the only drives we have benchmarked that allow you to record in 4.6K RAW at 60FPS (dual card mode).

Specifications – CFAST to SATA SSD Cable:

High quality CFAST 2.0 card by OE manufacturer with gold plated pins for high speed data transfer.

6Gbps SATA III 7 pin data cable

Specifications – USB to SATA Power cable:

Molex 15 pin SATA power connector with gold plated pins.

HIgh Quality USB Connector (rated up to 30v and 6A).

High quality 18awg stranded cable.

What’s in the box:

2x Cfast 2.0 to SATA SSD Cables

1x USB (5v) to twin SATA power connector Cable

2x sets of Velcro (to attach SSD drives to battery)

Please note: Colours and design may vary slightly over time, based on customer feedback or advances in the manufacturing processes.

You will need:

Solid State Drive (SSD’s) of your choice (128GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1TB, 2TB, (4TB still in testing) are all compatible.


We recommend Samsung 850 Pro series or Sandisk Extreme Pro SSD drives for recording in anything upto and including 4.6K RAW @ 60fps (in dual card mode). All other popular make/models of SSD’s (Samsung EVO, Corsair, Kingston, Crucial) have been benchmarked to work flawlessly up to ProRes XQ in 4K @ 24fps & 30fps depending on the read/write speeds of your particular SSD drive.

Older SSD drives with read/write speeds of below 500MB/s may not allow recordings past 4K in ProRes 444 without dropping frames. Samsung 850 EVO 500 GB 2.5 inch SSD’s are a perfect example of a value for money drive (£145/$181) with speeds of up to 550MB/s Read and 520MB/s write, and allow you to record in ProRes XQ 4K using a single CFAST to SATA SSD cable and a single SSD drive.

Support and Guarantee:

30 day no questions money back guarantee. 1 year guarantee against any manufacturing defects.

All kits are visually inspected, electronically tested, and performance benchmarked before being dispatched to a customer.

And if you have any additional questions, you can like, comment, and message us through the InnoTech UK Facebook page or email us directly at

Please email us at to obtain your RMA number and return address before returning your item.

We have used parts and components which are open (USB and SATA) and publically available technologies from a range of computer hardware manufacturers.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ’s):

Why is this solution better than actual CFAST 2.0 Cards:
The InnoTech Cfast 2.0 to SATA SSD Cable allows you to shoot directly to reliable, affordable, blazing fast SSDs on your URSA or URSA Mini camera. It pulls data out of the CFast ports in your camera and transfers it in real-time to professional-grade SSDs. All of this without additional compression or resolution limitations.

What frame rates and codecs have you tested?

We have found the Samsung 850 PRO 500GB to be one of the most reliable and fastest drives on the market today. We have performed hours of testing, and below is the list of codecs and frame rates we have tested and were successful using a single SSD:

ProRes 422:  2K (120fps), UHD (40fps), 4K (30fps), 4.6K (30fps)

ProRes HQ:  2K (120fps), UHD (60fps), 4K (50fps), 4.6K (40fps)

ProRes 444: 2K (120fps), UHD (40fps), 4K (30fps), 4.6K (30fps)

ProRes XQ: 2K (120fps), UHD (40fps), 4K (30fps), 4.6K (30fps)

In ‘DUAL CARD MODE’’ we were able to record upto the maximum of 4.6K RAW Lossless (60fps) without any dropped frames.

Any other SSD make or model will yield different results.

To view our benchmark results for ProRes recording using the Samsung 850 Pro vs Samsung 850 Evo click here.

What cameras is this compatible with?

This solution has been primarily designed for the Blackmagic Ursa Mini 4.6K, Blackmagic Ursa mini 4K and Blackmagic Ursa. However this product may be compatible with other brands of cameras which use the CFAST 2.0 card, but we cannot guarantee this. As we complete tests and benchmarks using other brands of cameras, this section will be updated.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, We offer international shipping and usually takes 3-5 days after dispatch. We send everything insured and signed for.